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Gifts for the Knitter

Embossed Gold Foil Yarn Ball Stickers

The linen-textured oval with the raised yarn ball was created
from Kaspareks original artwork. The size is 1 x 5/8 inch.
They are packaged in a small, white-swirl lidded gift box.

25 Gold Embossed Stickers
KG-1 Coil of 25 in gift box Unavailable

50 Gold Embossed Stickers
KG-2 Coil of 50 in gift box Unavailable

Holiday Knits Commemorative Stamps

In October of 2007, the U.S. Postal Service released a series of four
commemorative holiday knitting stamps: Frosty, Christmas Tree, Reindeer and Bear. This philatelic collection of four First Day Covers is available from Kaspareks on elegant Crane & Co. envelopes measuring 51/2 x 4 inches. They are canceled with the official USPS First Day of Issue, dated Oct. 25, 2007, and postmarked in New York, the city of release.
Packaged in a glassine envelope with gold sticker.

Keepsake First Day Covers, suitable for framing
KG-3 Complete Set of Four USPS Designs Unavailable