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Kaspareks Art Rubber Stamps and Collage Elements
Kaspareks Art Rubber Stamps and Collage Elements
Bird Sweater Stamp #26
      Kaspareks offers a unique line of rubber art stamps and collage elements – many created especially for knitters – for journals, stamping, gift enclosures, and for your heart-felt messages or private creations.

    Our original designs are each drawn meticulously in pen-and-ink and converted to wood-mounted rubber stamps of the highest quality.

About Kaspareks
    Kaspareks was founded on Judith Mencher's lifelong passion for knitting and fiber arts, and on Brooks Mencher's ink drawings and love of design. We hope you enjoy shopping at Kaspareks. We respect your privacy. Please contact us if you have any questions on ordering or shipping, or if you would like to be notified of new stamp designs in the Kaspareks collection.

Kaspareks Art Rubber Stamps and Collage Elements    The folk puppet Kasparek dates back several centuries. He was part of the touring puppet theater in what is now the Czech Republic – a theater that had become great entertainment by the eighteenth century. A hundred years later these marionette plays had established themselves as a folk tradition. Popularity grew so much that by the 1900s whole families would be involved in the production of a play and the scripts were known by heart. Kasparek, one of the nearly two dozen folk figures in the puppet troupe, wore a coxcomb cap and a belt of jingle bells; he was a bit of a clown, a jester with a trickster's heart and was greatly loved by children.